Manhole Monitoring System

Security solutions


Manhole Monitoring System detects and reports access and presence in utility vaults. The system is based on maintenance-free sensor devices.

The access, presence and tampering of the asset are detected with high sensitivity, and reported for real-time situational awareness.


Innovative sensors fusion design combining 5 ultra-low power sensors to detect access, presence and tampering attempts


Wireless radio communication via low-power long-range LoRaWAN network enables connection to gateways in range more than 500 m in dense urban environment, up to several km in less dense areas.


Optimized for low-power operation and equipped with state-of-the-art durable batteries, autonomous devices provide maintenance-free reliable monitoring of utility vaults for 10+ years


Tools for integration with variety of IoT platforms and workflows.

Machine Learning

Machine learning optimization of devices operational parameters.


Sensor Device

Manhole Monitor sensor device effectively guards utility vaults, detecting number of events (opening of the lids, presence inside the vault and vandalization attempts against the device) and communication over the low-power long-range LoRaWAN network. Battery-operated device is optimized for low-power operation, enabling very long period (10+ years) of autonomous operation. Each device can be remotely configured after installation (individual sensor selection, adjustment of sensor thresholds) to adapt to the local environment. Devices regularly report about their status by sending daily heartbeat messages indicating whether everything is OK, or there was a physical damage or a malfunction, low battery voltage, etc.

Main Features

  • LoRaWAN compatible communication
  • Adjustable configuration for sensor operation
  • Straightforward installation
  • Comprehensive self-check tests

User Front end modules and App

Manhole Monitoring Web Application is essentially a business intelligence app depicting and summarizing all the relevant information from the entire system of devices. Machine learning optimization of devices operational parameters delivers optimal interpretation of all alert messages sent by devices.

Separate smartphone app is provided to allow entry authorization when needed. During the authorized entry the monitoring system remains active and detects everything, but no related alarm notifications are generated.

Main Features

  • Overview of all monitored manholes either through map or table view
  • Overview of all reported irregular and alarm situations
  • Tools for integration with variety of IoT platforms and workflows
  • External notification via SMS, email and ContactId protocol
  • Rich reporting options
  • Integration with Active Directory or LDAP of a user company
  • Custom visual branding

Software tools for device installation

Regardless whether the installation is carried out by the end user or by the security provider, dedicated software is available to make the entire installation process (both managing and executing installation steps) easier and more comfortable.

Main Features

  • Web application for planning and coordination of installation
  • Smart phone app for installation workers, providing all the needed info and instructions
  • Semi-automatic initial test procedure

Use Cases

Telecom cabling infrastructure

The illustrative use case is an underground telecom cabling infrastructure. Controlling manholes entrance access and presence would reduce stealing and damaging of copper and optical cables.

Savings from reducing direct costs of materials and repairs only would provide short-term RoI, enabling indirect gains through improved customers experience and increased value of the incumbent company.

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